There appears to be data missing or incomplete for certain patient id’s (ex. missing ‘days from index’ or other information). Why is this?

Information provided or curated is based on patient data available at that moment in time. At times, some data elements are not available but may become available during future data releases.

How would I download all my project files as a single zip file instead of all individually?

See “How to ZIP Files in Spark” page of the Tutorials section.

There appear to be ‘formatting’ inconsistencies in the data (ex. . Fluorouracil is capitalized and oxaliplatin is not, “. Adjuvant – inten” has a hyphen and “Palliative intent”) does not. Is this a concern?

There is no clinical significance to these inconsistencies. Rather, it reflects a standard process, whereby the preferred term provided by the Source terminology (i.e., the canonical system) for the canonical displays. Any inconsistencies in the display (including capitalization versus lower case) generally stem from the Source terminology. For example, when the raw data input is mapped to a canonical name, sometimes the canonical name is capitalized; this is a product of the concept map utilized.